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Governor Yerlikaya explained: 33 healthcare workers have been defeated by corona virus in Istanbul in the last year

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya issued a message on the occasion of the 14 March Medicine Day.

In his message, Yerlikaya stated that he visited the patients in the intensive care unit of the Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty and once again witnessed how important a healthy breath and Covid-19 measures are.

Emphasizing that the healthcare professionals make a superhuman effort to “let the patients be cured and their relatives who expect good news from them smile”, Yerlikaya said:

“I even had trouble breathing in this outfit I wore for a short time. However, our health army works for hours at high risk in these clothes, saving lives, enduring great sacrifices for our health. We understand the value of many things that add meaning to our lives only in their absence. First of all, our health. Especially in the last 1 year, we have started to understand the value of another value better. That is our doctors, nurses and all our healthcare professionals. We are grateful to all of them, God bless. Unfortunately, 29 thousand 356 citizens lost their lives in general. I wish God’s mercy on all of them. Let their place be heaven. “

Yerlikaya and healthcare workers also said, “You keep watch without sleep for hours to save lives. You are deprived of your offspring and your families under epidemic conditions. None of you are entitled. You are our heroes. Fortunately, you are. We celebrate the 14 March Medical Day from your heart, as soon as possible in our country, Istanbul.” I wish our people to have healthy days. ” called out in the form.


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