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Gradual normalization warnings from experts – health news

Stating that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will start a gradual normalization process as of March, “We will classify our provinces as low, medium, high and very high risk according to criteria such as cases and vaccine rates. We will carry out the normalization calendar accordingly.” .

Scientists called out to citizens and emphasized the need to learn from old mistakes, warned about masks, distance, hygiene and ‘patience’. Expressing that the measures should not be compromised as of March in order to prevent new restrictions and increase in the number of cases, experts gave the message ‘squeeze your teeth’.


Prof. Dr. Tevfik Özlü (Scientific Committee Member): There will be a decision process by the provinces. It will be decided on the basis of provinces which steps will be in what scope and dose and when. If we make the vaccination fast and reduce the number of cases, we can enter the summer together. Even if normalization is started, three rules to be considered, mask, distance, social isolation … Low risk does not mean that it will always remain low. The number of cases should not increase after nomalization. None of us want new restrictions and folded case numbers anymore. If we do not want the bans to come back, we should take steps not to allow the virus to spread. We have to wear our mask duly in the social area and determine our distance with other people as two meters.

Prof. Dr. Serap Şimşek Yavuz (Scientific Committee Member): The epidemic continues. For this reason, we need to continue the measures. It is imperative that we learn from the mistakes we made before and act without compromising on precautions. We have to tighten our teeth a little more to take advantage of the vaccine’s advantages. Losing what we’ve achieved again, the same vicious circle, an increase in the number of patients and deaths will mean new restrictions. Everyone should be careful and patient, as uncontrolled relaxation is a big risk.


Assoc. Dr. Zeliha Tufak Koçak (Scientific Committee Member): If we do not pay attention to our measures while going to normalization, the consequences can be very heavy. Therefore, in daily life, in family and home visits, when meeting with our relatives or friends, we absolutely need to follow the mask, distance and hygiene rules. Mask and distance are as effective as vaccines or even vaccines for now. The more important the vaccine is, the more important it is to follow these measures. If these rules are not observed, it is not enough for scientists to fight the epidemic alone. We will tackle this epidemic together. Success is achieved when our people, tradesmen, public institutions and organizations, in short, continue to comply with the measures. Turkey meets the measures by many countries, citizens are very careful and meticulous. The same sensitivity must be maintained with March. “

Prof. Dr. Füsun Eyüboğlu (Chest diseases specialist): In the new normal order, we have to let go of the measures. In crowded and closed environments, we must strictly follow the precautions without spending time, compromising our masks and distance, unless we have to. Citizens in risky and vulnerable groups must follow the mask rules and stay as careful and as little as possible in the community. Again, we need to work from home and take care when it comes to public space. We have to be patient with the awareness of social responsibility. If we have a little patience, we will get through this calamity. “

Prof. Dr. Sait Gönen (Dean of Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty): In the last month, citizens who apply for Covid-19 tests between 350-450 per day come to Cerrahpaşa and the positivity rate has decreased to 3 percent. This rate was around 30 percent during the peak period of the epidemic. This table shows us that the restrictions and measures implemented for more than a month have yielded results. For now, our vaccination figure has approached 4 million. Until the vaccination period increases a little more, we should not compromise on masks, distance, hygiene. For this reason, every citizen has a great responsibility when we start normalization gradually in March. If we are careful about the cafes and restaurants without giving up the measures like the peak period of the epidemic, we will not have trouble for the third time. We see the health length of the restrictions. Of course, it also has an economic and social dimension. However, our forced tradesmen and our people will behave uncontrollably, we see new restrictions, new patients, increasing deaths. We have to be patient and overcome this crisis in the coming period.


Prof. Dr. Tufan Tükek (Dean of Istanbul Medical Faculty): Within a year, certain features have become accustomed. Now, everyone in the society has accepted that the mask, the distance should be maintained. Our citizens know how to protect against the virus. The patient is not very well protected, does not wear his mask and does not interfere with the crowd. With the gradual opening that will start in March, we should not compromise the measures we have implemented for the last 1.5 months. Especially people with mild anger should not leave the house and should not enter closed environments. Everyone, all of us, are very bored, but if we rush to cafes, restaurants and shopping malls, we will see restraints, sick numbers and deaths increase again at the end of March. Thanks to the measures taken, our patient positivity rate fell below 5 percent. As of March, we have to tighten our teeth without compromising this discipline. “

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