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Hacamat warning: There is quite a lot of abuse – Health News

Hollywood actress Dwayne Johnson, the star of action and fighting movies, first applied the glass-drawing technique on her body and shared the result with 220 million Instagram followers. Duzce University Traditional and Complementary Medicine Center Director Prof. Dr. Warnings came from Ertuğrul Kaya. Prof. Dr. Kaya said, “The cupping treatment, known as cupping therapy among the people, has a history of thousands of years. It dates back to the years before Christ. It has a religious aspect, especially since there are some hadiths in our religion. Therefore, our people have a great interest in hajama. There are several forms of this treatment. “It is a form of treatment in which cuts are thrown into the body, known as cupping, and some blood is drawn from the body, which is vacuumed with cups. There is also a treatment in the form of a dry cupping without incision. It is a different form of this applied by adults in homes. It is applied in many diseases.”


Stating that the cupping should be done by doctors, Prof. Dr. Kaya said:

“In fact, it is also widely abused. It should be done by doctors in hospital environments, licensed centers, of course, doctors must be certified. It is strictly necessary to pay attention to the disinfection rules. Since it is a bloody process, all equipment that touches the patients’ skin must be sterile. The depth of the incisions should be adjusted well and the frequency of the application should be paid attention to how much cup will be applied to which patient, how much blood will be drawn. Does the patient have certain diseases? Does he use medication? These should be considered. Especially for those with bleeding and anemia problems. Above all, it is necessary not to fool the patients about what will be good. There is a lot of abuse in this regard. The patient should not prevent modern medical treatments. If there are s, priority should be given to this. Since it has a religious aspect, our citizens can also have cupping according to their wishes, apart from the illness. From time to time, we hear that some famous players and athletes also get it done. It is also popular abroad, not only in our country. It is an application known all over the world. ”


Prof. Dr. Kaya, stated that cupping therapy is good for some diseases as a result of clinical tests, “It is used in many diseases. But we see that clinical studies are carried out in evidence-based diseases. As a result of clinical studies, there are scientific data that it is beneficial in some allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, diseases with muscle, joint and tendon pain. “There are also data that some of the substances in the blood that need to be removed from the body are excreted from the body in this way. For this purpose, it is done with the intention of detox. When all these are combined, people do it because they hope for a benefit.


Noting that the hijama treatment is open to abuse, Prof. Dr. Kaya said, “Some people are looking for a cure for their diseases. They are looking for solutions from such treatments, especially when they cannot find treatment in modern medicine. Useful practices may be suitable for people without exploiting the hopes of the citizens, without harming them,” said Kaya.

Muhammet Sine, who had a cupping treatment, said, “I was having it from time to time. I think it is good for my back pain and I get efficiency. And I prefer it because it is clean and hygienic because it is already at the university, “he said.

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