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Have we become a mutation paradise | NTV

It was known that the “crimson region” in the Black Sea was dominated by the British mutation, but according to the statement made by Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, “South Africa, Brazil and California mutations” are also stalking among us. To sum it up in one sentence: “Did we become a mutation paradise?” It is time to ask the question.



I would like to share with you a part I took from my article published in the Hürriyet Pazar supplement on January 14, 2007: “I think that he searched and found, moreover, filled it like a sponge, let alone keep stress away from himself. What to do, should give up this bad habit quickly. His ‘heart’ needs this the most. “

In that article, I tried to interpret the health condition of our late friend, brother, beautiful person Rasim Öztekin with a “predictive” perspective, and I started the article with the sentences above. I remember my dear Rasim brother with mercy and based on his experiences, I would like to bring the “epigenetics issue” that is “dancing with the genes” to our agenda. “So how is that dance done?” If you say you can look at the number 1 box.


Not only stress, but also what we eat and drink, our activity level, the air we breathe, the water we drink, what we think, our joys, our sorrows, in short, many of our choices and things about life can talk with our genes, or rather dance with them. Some of our lifestyle choices speak to our genes by “silencing” some genes, that is, by preventing them from expressing themselves, and others by “exhilarating” that is to shine as much as possible.

The branch of science that explodes the issue of dance with these genes is called EPIGENETICS. If we can learn a little more new things in this field and be successful in implementing it, we will be able to find a solution to many of our health problems from diabetes to obesity, from cancer to cardiovascular disease, under the guidance of the mind and science.


It has long been known that it is possible to prolong life and maintain health by consuming less energy, that is, by cutting our throat and reducing our calorie gain. It is only recently understood that “epigenetic processes” lie in the background of this important information. Scientific studies show that an important epigenetic mechanism such as the “methylation issue” is at play here.

“Methylation” is the addition of methyl groups to genes. Thanks to this process, genes are activated or shut down without any change in their structure. There are new data showing that the amount and speed of methylation processes can also affect the life span. Regular methylation not only increases our lifespan, it can also reduce the strength and number of aging-related diseases. Calorie restriction is extremely effective in preventing excessive methylation. It turns out that the more intense / more methylation processes and the higher the methylation rate, the shorter our lifespan.


Some of the bioactive substances found in what we eat can affect “gene expression” through methylation and other mechanisms. Among the foods that make positive contributions to our health by positively affecting gene expression are the following foods:

ITEM 1- RESVERATROL: An extraordinary natural power found in the skin and core of red grapes and thought to be one of the secrets of longevity.

VARAN 2- CATCHINS: The catechins found in green and black tea are also known to be important epigenetic nutrients.

VARAN 3- LEAGUES: The lignans in flaxseeds are also substances with properties that can alter gene expression.

VARAN 4- SULFORAPHANE ISOTYOSYANES: These two substances found in cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, radish, arugula, cress) are two important epigenetic natural miracles.

VARAN 5- SINNAMIC ACID: This component, which is found in coffee, grains, plums and kiwi fruits, is a wonderful molecule that contributes positively to health and acts as a “gene trainer”.


If “How is my health?” If you are looking for an answer to the question, I recommend that you carefully follow the key health markers below.

VARAN 1- YOUR WAIST SURROUNDINGS: If you are a woman, let it be under 85 cm if you are a man, and under 95 cm if you are a man. Under no circumstances should it exceed 90 if you are a woman and 100 if you are a man.

ITEM 2- CAN BASINCINIZ: Regardless of your age, keep it around 12/8, not more than 13 / 8.5.

VARAN 3- YOUR NUTRITION STYLE: Be herbal, sufficient, balanced and diverse.

VARAN 4- YOUR SLEEP PATTERN: Less than 6 hours, over 9 hours is never recommended. You also need to pay attention not only to “duration” but also to “quality”.

THERE IS 5- YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL: An active life and at least 150 minutes of brisk exercise per week are considered to be a very important health determinant.

THERE IS 6- YOUR LIFE STYLE: Not using alcohol and smoking, living hygienically, living in a clean environment, and making peace-oriented choices are also very important determinants of health.

7- YOUR HEALTH FOLLOW-UP PLAN: It is an extremely important detail, but it needs to be personal (personnel), preventive, and predictive. “Fabrication job (!)” Check-up style scans are not recommended.


Brain fog is an increasingly annoying problem, just like the “sleep pandemic.” The basic symptoms of the problem are problems such as “difficulty in focusing, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, confusion and impaired mental clarity”. There are also those who simply describe the problem as “mental fatigue”. According to experts, the top 7 reasons that trigger brain fog are:

1- Stress and anxiety

2- sleep disturbances

3- some medications

4- Nutritional errors

5- Hormonal changes

6- Still life

7- Disease processes

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