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Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey: Turkey has a very impressive health care system

Turkey Photojournalists Derneğince (TFMD) organized “Press Photo of the Year 2021” special jury which Meyer-Landrut, after the evaluation meeting held in a hotel in Antalya met with journalists.

Noting that there were impressive photographs and visuals in the contest, Meyer-Landrut stated that he witnessed interesting and fruitful discussions at the meeting.

Meyer-Landrut, a new type of corona virus (Covidien-19) have also evaluation of the process, stressed that a strong health system in Turkey.


against the outbreak in Turkey is striking said a similar situation in Europe Meyer-Landrut, “Unfortunately, infection numbers are increasing but Turkey is taking effective measures in this regard. Turkey has a very impressive health care system. However, the vaccine’s role more important than anything. “We will see what the effect will be as vaccination programs come into play and everyone is vaccinated.”

Stating that the effectiveness of the vaccine is also important, Meyer-Landrut emphasized that it should be proven by scientific studies whether the vaccine protects the individual against the disease and reduces the spread rate of the virus.

Stating that if vaccination becomes widespread, travel restrictions may be lifted, Meyer-Landrut said:

“Thanks to vaccination campaigns and other measures, it will become safer to travel. However, we will have to look at the data that will be released within 2 months to be able to say this yet. Of course, I think how effective the vaccination campaigns in different countries will be revealed soon. We must also be hopeful about it. “


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