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Health Minister Koca: everyone over the age of 20 will be vaccinated in June

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, after the Science Board Meeting recently BioNTechHe explained that 120 million doses of vaccine will come to Turkey with Uğur Şahin, the CEO of Turkey, and said, “Turkey’s vaccine problem is over.” Speaking to Hürriyet after this statement, Koca announced that everyone over the age of 20 will be vaccinated in June.

Until now, second doses were backed up in vaccines coming to Turkey. Backed up after a certain period of time Vaccines were being done. Fahrettin Koca said that such an application will not be made for the 30 million vaccines that will arrive in June.


Minister Koca said, “We will make 30 million vaccines to 30 million people. The first dose of BioNTech provides 78 percent protection. We will benefit from that protection. This will be an important achievement for us. Thus, we will enter the summer more safely “he said.

Minister Koca said that the second dose of vaccine will be made with the arrival of the second batch of vaccines. In other words, those who have had the first dose will have the second dose in July. However, Minister Koca changed the expression “to be vaccinated over the age of 50 in June” as “everyone over the age of 20 will be vaccinated in June”.

Fahrettin Koca, who also made an assessment about the 120 million dose vaccine agreement, said, “We have agreements with Sputnik and Sinovac. There are vaccines coming from there. We are also waiting for those vaccinations. But today we are at such a point that even if Sputnik and Sinovac never came, we have solved our problem, “he said.

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