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Health Minister Koca: They wrote success stories that will be the subject of movies

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, Turkey Institute of Health Policiesorganized by Health Policies SummitHe participated in video conference.

Minister Koca reported that they spent the last year under the Covid-19 pandemic and that all people are struggling to get rid of this trouble.


Koca said, “The epidemic follows a course that will justify the predictions that it will be one of the biggest epidemics in human history. It has reached a level that will paralyze the health systems of the ambitious, even exemplary countries in terms of welfare. Covid-related casualties have exceeded 2 million 700 thousand, 30 thousand of which are in our country. However, we do not yet know how much loss of life is due to the risks brought by undiagnosed cases and limitations. It has caused serious damage and has not yet lost its destructive power. But humanity has recovered from the feeling of helplessness it experienced in the first months of the epidemic. Rapid steps have been taken in the field of vaccination. will heal people, again with life “We were trying to find the right treatment options to bring you together,” he said.


Ministers husband, especially the days that fall into the despair of many country’s health system, including European countries, noting that Turkey has very prepared inside, “Together with our employees experienced staff in treatment and public health service, we have done a great job with the support of strengthened health infrastructure that considers contemporary needs. This On the occasion of the meeting, I would like to express my honor once again with our scientists, physicians and healthcare professionals. I would like to thank you for holding this valuable meeting, which will provide an opportunity to evaluate the performance of our health system against the epidemic. “


Stating that they have experienced very important events and gained experiences in the last year, Koca said, “We are in a period that needs to be examined in detail and lessons should be learned in terms of our future with every stage from beginning to end. Our healthcare staff, especially our primary care services, have a truly great operational experience and power in epidemic management. In this epidemic, our family physicians and family health workers, our filming teams wrote success stories that will be the subject of novels and movies. Everything they have lived through the lives they touch are precious experiences that we must record. “We have demonstrated a strong combat performance that can maintain its superiority against the destructive effects of the epidemic, thanks to its success, our strong information and tracking systems, 99 percent of case and contact tracking success.”


Minister Koca, stating that every experience in the healthcare network has a value that will guide the future, with its pros and cons, said:

“In order not to erase these experiences from our memories with the epidemic, such scientific studies must be continued by diversifying and increasing their number. We must seriously analyze our health system in all its dimensions, from health management, health service provision, to the effectiveness of our industrial capacity and goals, to our human resource capacity. We must determine together the right steps to protect the strength of our health system against health risks.Of course, another responsibility that is at least as important is to lead the transformation of the political, social and cultural understandings that prevail in the world in a way that prioritizes health, with aspects affecting our human and public health. In a scientific meeting, we talk to the participants about the problems that we struggle as the Ministry of Health, which do not attract enough attention of the society, but that affect large masses such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases in a fatal way I was set. As you, as health workers, you know very well, most of our people who died in the Covid pandemic and needed intensive care had one or two of these diseases. This epidemic has once again demonstrated to the whole society how vital the social struggle against preventable diseases is. “


Stating that they witnessed the collapse of Western civilization and its values ​​in the face of the epidemic, Minister Koca said, “We should be able to consider these days, when our people have taken a participatory role in the fight against the epidemic, taking a participatory role in the protection of health by paying great attention to the trio of masks, distance, and cleanliness, as an important opportunity to carry them to the future. Dear scientists and colleagues, who know the priorities of a healthy society and work for this purpose, it is of great importance that you continue your pioneering mission in developing the organized struggle power of the society against all health risks, just as you have undertaken the mission of enlightening the society during the epidemic process.


Husband, Turkey’s sharing their views on the global leadership targets in health, “All of us in this process, we have witnessed the collapse in the face of the outbreak of the Western civilization and values. Countries that shape the world’s political economy on adherence to the values ​​of humanity and their communities, gave a bad test against both humanity. This process facilities owned, Turkey has still share with the world of the necessity of that civilization have empathy. I do not mean it as a pride issue. Today the basic paradigms in all of the topics we’ll discuss in this meeting, concepts, we are going through a period where policies were convicted on the conscience of humanity. Outbreak even health Could not cease to be a strategic market product opportunities. information about vaccines and products of humanity, we see a fair manner access to offer as they are a remote understanding of the leagues leagues. that’s why people’s lives, such a fate on behalf recovery from corruption who reve humanity, Turkey’s health at the global leaders “I see and care about the HR goal as a very valuable civilization move”.


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