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‘Helicopter parenting’ warning – health news

The Ministry of Family and Social Services warned parents, “Let children take responsibility so that they do not become helicopter parents.” The term ‘helicopter parents’ is used for overly concerned, controlling, taking responsibility for their children, and anxious parents.

The ministry also listed its recommendations to avoid “helicopter parenting”. “Let your children make small decisions for themselves, take responsibility, express their feelings in their own words.” made a suggestion.

According to experts, helicopter parenting prevents children from developing problem-solving skills.

Child Development Specialist Emine Ergün gave warnings about helicopter parenting and said, “It is a concept that is used to describe the parents who step in immediately when there is an emergency situation about their child. It is not necessarily a problem, it is a constant control situation, not to have any problems. If the middle school came with this attitude until high school, there are two basic possibilities: First, he is used to planning his life by someone else and avoiding risks by others. The second option may react like “I want to decide, do not interfere with me”. Sit down with the kid, brainstorm, “he said.

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