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Hopeful statements from experts: With this rate of vaccination, we will return to normal life after 2 months

The fact that vaccination, which has accelerated in recent days, is based on the daily limit of 600 thousand, raised hopes. According to experts, if vaccination studies continue at this rate, Turkey will be relieved within two months and return to its normal life in the fall.

“prevents new variants”

Meltem Özgenç’s opinion from Hürriyet newspaper Ankara University Anesthesiology and Reanimation Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Necmettin Unal“Turkey has increased the rate of vaccination, but I think the country’s vaccination capacity is over 600 thousand. 70-80 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated for the formation of social immunity. If we increase the vaccination rate a little more and increase it to 1 million per day, it will be over in two months. This situation is Turkey” It also prevents the emergence of new specific variants. Measures will of course be relaxed regarding the proportion of people with immunity in the community. The figures are in the hands of the Ministry of Health. However, it is useful not to be hasty in loosening the mask and distance measures. Especially when contacting foreigners and entering the same environment with those who are not vaccinated. It is necessary to take maximum protection measures,” he said.

Unal also said, “Important measures are taken regarding the unvaccinated, especially in Israel. It is forbidden for unvaccinated people to attend mass activities such as religious activities, movies and games in this country. Is it true? Such rules can also be introduced, but this is a political choice. However, the state does not have to impose every rule. Imagine a factory, the boss says, ‘I will not employ people who are not vaccinated so as not to reduce production capacity’. Wouldn’t this be a very important initiative? responsibility falls,” he said.


President of Turkish Microbiology Society Prof. Dr. Peace Herb: The COVID-19 vaccination program implemented by our Ministry of Health has accelerated in our country and access to the vaccine has become possible for a large part of our society. When the countries that are ahead of us in vaccination are taken as a model, we can predict that this acceleration in the vaccination program will show its effect more clearly in a few months, and that new cases and hospitalizations will decrease considerably. This will definitely be reflected in the measures taken and life will gradually return to normal. All vaccines used within the scope of the vaccination program in our country undergo the necessary safety tests. Side effects that may develop are closely followed in our country as well as all over the world. Supporting the vaccine program being implemented is very important for the success of the fight against the pandemic. I think that with the measures taken and vaccination that is becoming more and more widespread, we can return to our normal routine by the end of the year.


Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Ismail Fish: If 1 million doses of vaccine are administered per day, we will reach the herd immunity target by the end of July. In the fall, we can return to our old normal. Of course, this depends on the availability of vaccines and people’s compliance with being vaccinated. When at least 60 percent of the population is vaccinated, the disease may begin to go out of the ‘epidemic’ form and be seen as a small number of infections and no longer seriously affect the society. Of course, the risk will continue for people who have not been vaccinated in this process.”


Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Levent Akin “As the vaccine supply has increased, the Ministry of Health is trying to vaccinate all segments of the society rapidly. It has been announced that the occupancy rate of appointments has increased to 99 percent. Vaccination queues are now forming. If half a million people are vaccinated a day, at least one dose of vaccine to 50-60 million people by mid-July. In other words, if it goes at this rate, the number of people who have received at least two doses of vaccine in the desired amount will be reached in the autumn. This ensures a very low number of new cases. Therefore, what I want to say insistently is that indoors and in market places, shopping centers, streets. Mask and distance rules should be followed in crowded places such as


Akın said, “The increase in air temperature does not reduce the possibility of transmission of the virus. However, since people are more in open areas in this season, the possibility of close contact decreases, and the probability of transmission of the disease decreases for this reason. The decrease in the number of cases due to both the increase in the rate of vaccination and seasonal advantages contributes to the social activities in the society. “However, this comfort will not mean that the disease has disappeared. The relaxation of the measures should be controlled. After the second half of July, all kinds of social activities can be done by paying attention to the distance and mask rules. As we enter the autumn, the measures will be reviewed again,” he said.

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