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How to get a hospital appointment with MHRS? – Health News

There are two methods to make an appointment with hospitals. By calling the “Hello 182” call center, you can create your appointment by giving your TR ID number to the live operator you will connect to.

Another method is, create your appointment from. To make an appointment from the WEB; If you have not registered as a member before, you can perform your membership process by clicking the “Sign Up” option on the screen that appears after clicking the “Get Appointment” button.

If you have a membership record, you can make an appointment with your ID number and password from the hospital and doctor you want, for any date you want.


In order to make an appointment on MHRS mobile, you can download the MHRS application from the application market of your smart device and create a membership record if you do not have one, and if you do, you can log in with your ID number and password and make your appointment.


There are two methods to cancel an appointment.

The first is to call the Call center. You can cancel your appointment with your TR ID number by calling the Alo 182 call center.

Another method is to cancel your appointment on the WEB. After logging in with your TR number and password, you can select the appointment you want to cancel and cancel your appointment by clicking on the Appointment history section.

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