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Human experiments in the ‘microsphere vaccine’, the first in the world, will begin at the beginning of summer

After the first year of the epidemic, seen in the world and also in Turkey is rapidly spreading new mutations, the concern that reduce the effectiveness of vaccines also mentioned Professor Dr. Özören ended his words by saying that the vaccine they developed could also be adapted to mutations:

“For example, it was announced that the effectiveness of the Astra Zeneca vaccine against the (South) African mutation decreased. The RBD region we target in our vaccine is a region that binds the most to Ace 2 and is known to occur mostly towards this region. Until now, one amino acid mutation has developed in this region. Changing one of the 400 amino acids in this region does not upset the protein. A paranoid action started with every mutation in humans. But there is no such thing. When a mutation arrives, if the virus completely disrupts the protein structure, it also damages the virus. That’s why we haven’t seen a very drastic (radical) Corona and crown protein structure change yet. “

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