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“If an appointment is not made, 150 thousand vaccines will be wasted a month” – Health News

Antalya City Council Health Working Group President Dr. Ozan Uzkut, developed against corona virus Pfizer-Biontech He said that the vaccines were stored in minus 70 degrees cold cabinets in public health laboratories and taken to vaccination centers with special transport batteries without breaking the cold chain, according to the number of daily appointments.

2-8 degrees Vaccine Stating that vaccines, which can be kept in their cabinets for 120 hours, are expected to be dissolved first, then the vials are diluted with saline. Uzkut said that the mixing process was carried out by gentle shaking.

Expressing that the vaccine was administered in 6 separate doses with disposable syringes from the vial after color and particle control, Dr. Uzkut called on those who preferred the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine to ‘make an appointment and not go to get vaccinated’.


China-based optionally in Turkey Sinovac Mentioning that Germany-based Pfizer-Biontech vaccine was made with Dr. Ozan Uzkut said the following:

“Biontech vaccine application is made in hospitals due to storage conditions. The feature of Biontech vaccine is that vaccines come out of the cupboard in vials and this vial needs to be administered to 6 people. The vial must be consumed within 6 hours after leaving the closet. Biontech vaccines are administered in groups of 6 in the hospital, but every day If 6 people do not come at the end, some of the vaccines may remain. Appointment In our system, 6 appointments are made each, but in case people do not come to the appointment for some reason, there is the remaining dose in the last vial. This can range from 1 to 5 people. “


Turkey 517 thousand hospital Pfizer-Biontech that the vaccine administered until Dr. Uzkut said, “If we think that there are half, an average of 2-3 vials left in every hospital, it means that 5 thousand vaccines are wasted per day and around 150 thousand a month. This means that precautions must be taken. In the beginning, the people who have the appointment should come on time, if they cannot come, they should cancel the appointment, they should not eat someone else’s right. Measures should be taken in this situation. Healthcare professionals can undergo an investigation due to a vaccine. Wasting vaccines for this reason hurts us healthcare professionals, “he said.

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