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In phase-2 studies of the Covid-19 vaccine candidate at ERÜ, the first dose started to be administered to volunteers – Health News

According to the written statement made by the university, the first dose of the inactive vaccine candidate, whose phase-1 studies were started on November 5, 2020, within the scope of the phase-2 study, was given to the volunteers.

ERÜ Vaccine Research and Development Application and Research Center (I ERAG) Covidien-19 against the developed and the Ministry of Health of Turkey Institutes of Health Administration (TÜSEB) the first dose of the scope of supported inactivated vaccine candidates by the phase-2 studies ERÜ Good Clinical Practice and Research It was administered to a volunteer at the Center (IKUM).

The candidate vaccine’s phase-2 dose administration volunteer, whose opinions were given in the statement, stated that he was happy to voluntarily participate in the vaccine studies and that the local vaccine was proud.

ERÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çalış, on the other hand, stated that the phase-1 studies of the local vaccine they developed against Covid-19 have been completed, and the phase-2 studies are ongoing.

Emphasizing that they are at a new stage today, Çalış said:

“Thank God today we have switched to voluntary dosing of the phase-2 phase. I hope that the phase-2 study will be successful, as in the phase-1 study. As Erciyes University, we, as Erciyes University, work with the Vaccine Research and Development Application and Research Center. As a Research Center, our vaccine candidate is a vaccine candidate supported by the Ministry of Health and TUSEB. . “

The inactive candidate vaccine developed by ERÜ against Covid-19 will be administered to 250 volunteers within the scope of phase-2 studies.

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