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India variant in Turkey: no fear for now

Following the Coronavirus Scientific Committee meeting held last week, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that the Indian variant of the corona virus was detected in five people in Istanbul.

The daily number of cases exceeding 400 thousand and the number of deaths exceeding three thousand caused fear in people. However, according to the report of Mert Inan from Milliyet, experts said there was no need for fear.

Head of the Department of Medical Microbiology and the Department of Virology and Basic Immunology, Istanbul Medical Faculty Hospital. Dr. Ali Ağaçfidan stated that there is no scientific information that the Indian variant is more lethal in Turkey.

Ağaçfidan said, “Statements such as“ it will be more lethal and disastrous ”are not true regardless of the genomic sequences of the Indian variant in Turkey. I don’t think it’s right to spread unnecessary fear. The English variant is still dominant in Turkey. It has been announced that the Indian variant has been seen in five people. It is an advantage that we are in a period of restrictions. This variant type could also spread rapidly without restrictions, but we cannot talk about such a situation for now. “I don’t think the risk of spreading of the Indian variant will be as effective as the British variant due to the closure,” he said.


Dr. Mert Ahmet Kuşkucu also said, “Currently, the UK variant stands out as the most dominant species. While the USA looks at 6 thousand virus sequences per day, the figure in Turkey is incomparably low. For this reason, there is currently no scientific basis to say that the Indian variant is spreading rapidly and has or will show lethal effect. 90 percent of cases are sick due to the British variant, 5 percent to the African, Brazilian and California variant, and 5 percent to the Wuhan strain. “We do not know the effect of the Indian variant yet,” he said.

Infectious diseases specialist Dr. Gökçe Demir said, “We do not know much about the effects of the Indian variant. “I think it is not correct to comment on this variant type as ‘the most virulent, the worst virus’ since there is no scientific sequencing study and research done across the country for the Indian variant yet.

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