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Interesting excuses from vaccine opponents: “My genitals shrink, my intelligence decreases” – Health News

While vaccination studies against Covid-19 have started in many countries around the world, mask and distance rules continue to be applied to prevent new case increases in the epidemic. However, there are people who do not comply with these measures for unusual reasons.

According to the news in Independent Turkish, when a person in the Derbyshire region of England refused to comply with the mask-wearing rule at The Co-operative Food shopping store, the authorities had to inform the police.

The unnamed person told police that he refused to “wear a mask because it made his penis smaller”. The customer also issued similar “warnings” to others in the store, telling them not to wear masks.

“Incredibly, a customer told people in the store not to wear masks because they thought it reduced their genitals,” the police said in a statement.

Authorities are warning about the Delta variant of the coronavirus, which originated in India and is now seriously affecting the UK. Despite this, the police often come face to face with citizens who do not comply with the rules of wearing masks.

An unnamed person in Derbyshire, also in Derbyshire, said he refused to wear a mask on the grounds that it “lowered his intelligence”. In the statement of the police, it was stated that although there is no data on this claim, “the person insisted on his argumentative and aggressive attitude and disturbed the peace”.

The police also reminded that those who have been vaccinated should continue to wear masks as a precaution. In a shopping mall in the same area, an elderly woman pushed an employee who asked her to wear a mask, saying she was already vaccinated.

In the statement regarding the incident, the police asked the residents to comply with the coronavirus measures, saying “please also consider those who have not yet been vaccinated”.

In the past two weeks, the Delta variant has been detected in at least 200 people in the Derbyshire area alone.

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