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Is the domestic VLP corona virus vaccine effective against mutations? – Health News

Health Sciences University Gülhane Training and Research Hospital Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Hope Warrior, Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK) Covid-19 Turkey Platform, which continues to work under the roof, said that there has been a significant development in the domestic VLP-based vaccine.


Assoc. Dr. Savaşçı announced that the VLP vaccine, which Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank volunteered, would be effective against all mutations.

“It has a protective effect on 6 isotopes, not being affected by all these mutations. Therefore, it will not be affected by mutations,” said Assoc. Dr. Warrior said:

“The work on our vaccine, which can be a protective remedy for all humanity as we protect our own people, is progressing very quickly.


We are very hopeful in this respect, we think that it will be a source of pride for us and we think that we will get a good presentation of this vaccine both in terms of economy and health. If it grows in the fall, I see our VLP vaccine as a savior vaccine for us, for humanity, for our world. The application of this technology in the world is only available in our country; Therefore, we will be at the forefront in this sense.”


Assoc. Dr. Stating that no serious side effects have been encountered in VLP vaccine phase studies so far, Savaşçı said, “Our minister also had it done, no side effects were disclosed. As we hope, if the protection rate is high, it does not affect the 6 epitopes with the most mutations as a mechanism, so it is effective against very strong variants. We are very hopeful because it is in the vaccine structure that we think may be possible.

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