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Istanbul Governor Yerlikaya: The vaccination rate of over 65 years old is 68 percent.

The first day of the corona virus cases seen in Turkey was now 1 year since.

On March 14, Medicine Day, the prayer of the hatims read for the health workers who lost their lives in the fight against the epidemic was made.

In all central mosques in Istanbul, prayers were held at the same time with the participation of district governors and district health directors. In addition to Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu, Istanbul Provincial Mufti Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Maşalı and Eyüpsultan District Governor İhsan Kara attended.


Governor Yerlikaya answered journalists’ questions while leaving the mosque.

When asked about the corona virus measures in Istanbul and the intensity of the last two Saturdays, Yerlikaya said, “You know, not only the number of cases, but there is a package. Our health minister explains this at every opportunity. Our Istanbul is the 14th largest mega-city of the world with over 16 million. We know that hospital stays and intensive care units and intubes do not increase in this mega-city as before, in return for the number of cases.

You know, we cannot explain these numbers. It is announced from a single source through our esteemed Minister of Health. We inspected all shopping malls in two days. The day before I visited a shopping mall myself. We do very good inspections on eating and drinking places. I share the numbers, I do not want to give them here, but people now have a 13-week restriction on eating and drinking places, what the measures meant about simple masks, distance and cleaning after 1 year, but now it is about the obligation to enter with the HES code, the capacity inside and in the garden. We have seen that there are very sincere efforts to comply with 50 percent.

We saw that there was consciousness. We believe that we will achieve good results in our Istanbul and all our cities in the process that started from March 2. No despair, no pessimism. We call the target blue category. He said, “It will too.”

“RATIO 68 PERCENT AS Yesterday”

Yerlikaya, “The vaccination rate of our elders who are 65 and over is 68 percent as of yesterday. We have achieved this all together. But we do not see it enough here. We want that we have a request through you from our elders who are in the most risk group, 65 years and above. Please vaccinate. Let’s be, please be vaccinated, please be vaccinated It does not mean that I did not get an appointment at every opportunity.

On a voluntary basis, that is, if he / she wants it, there is no obligation. but we are asking. It is our request that they be vaccinated for their own well-being, for the well-being of all of us, for our future and public health. If they accept it, we’ll be on our heads. At every opportunity, our district governors organize this work at mosque exits, whether they reach us by phone. We want to increase this rate even higher, “he said.

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