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Istanbul Provincial Health Director Memişoğlu: We are experiencing the third peak

Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal MemisogluEvaluated a year of struggling with Covid-19 and gave information about the latest situation in the city.

Reminding that an epidemic that has been fluctuating for more than a year has been struggled, the first wave occurred in March, April last year, and the second wave was seen in September, October and November, Memişoğlu stated that now we are facing a third wave.

Memişoğlu stated that both the scientific world and the public can only make close predictions about the course of the epidemic.

The last 15-20 years the impact of the transformation of health care that owned a serious health infrastructure, thus also Memişoğlu transfer can be more comfortable managing the process, “Indeed wave in November, was a serious diver and hospitalization both in terms of intensive care. But both Istanbul and Turkey really health Thanks to the strength of the infrastructure, patients in some developed countries of Europe have never experienced the incurability of patients, “he said.

Prof. Dr. Memişoğlu, in the violence of the waves taking place in Turkey in Europe, and that is less than that experienced in the world, health workers that the fight against heart and soul for human treatment, intensive care units expressed the difficulty experienced by the patients they tried to explain to the community.


Emphasizing that hospitalizations are now lower than the intensive care hospitalization rates in November, Memişoğlu explained that the rate of those who still test positive has increased.

Kemal Memişoğlu, stating that they analyzed the course of the epidemic in March-April and November last year, said, “As a result of this analysis, we anticipate that this will increase for a few more weeks and then decline. Of course, the severity and duration of this rise depends on the harmony of the people. This is very important. “We anticipate that the increase in the number of cases will decrease from the middle of April at the latest, but our prediction in response to our simulation in this November and March. If people adapt, this process may be shorter.”


Stating that the Turkish society is an example to the world in combating the epidemic with its health system and its economic power, Memişoğlu continued his speech as follows:

“Be sure that we are one of the countries that fight against the best epidemic in the world. 6 thousand 30 beds were added, 8 hospitals were opened in Istanbul only in the last 1 year. Our administration under the leadership of our president and our state did not make us say ‘there is no’ about health. Indeed, as long as society shows this harmony, we have no chance of failing to fight the epidemic. Our only worry is that too many patients come to the hospital, stay in intensive care units and die. We are definitely experiencing the third peak. It was about twice what it was at the moment. The trend is still on the rise. So we expect people to be very sensitive, especially in these 15-20 days, so that we don’t experience a really big wave like in November. Essentially, we are facing an extraordinary situation. Make sure that the vaccination studies have reached a higher level. We anticipate that we will enter the summer months and June very comfortably. We will hopefully be rewarded for the efforts of the society and healthcare professionals. “

Memişoğlu pointed out that the intensive care occupancy rates of Istanbul are between 64-65 percent and 62 percent in normal beds, and emphasized that this increase may become dangerous.


Providing information about vaccination studies, Memişoğlu reminded that citizens over the age of 60 are currently vaccinated. Provincial Health Director Memişoğlu, “We have already done our people over the age of 65. We are about to finish the second doses of the vaccinations of those people at a rate of 80 percent. We continue as long as the vaccine supply is provided.” said.

Kemal Memişoğlu, explaining that there are times when the vaccine is given in the 80-90 thousand bands per day in Istanbul, said:

“As Istanbul, we have the capacity to make 300 thousand vaccines a day. This is the minimum. When we force it, we can go to a much higher level. Our vaccines can be made in every hospital. We can make our vaccination plans daily, even instantaneously, according to the number of appointments in all hospitals without distinction between private and public. We have vaccinations in our family health center at the time. We tried to vaccinate our elderly people by sending our teams everywhere. I also thank them for their adaptation because an incredible vaccination rate of over 80 percent has occurred. After this stage, I hope you know with the vaccine, BioNTech will also start to come. it looks like we will have a more comfortable vaccination process. “

Pointing out that the protection of vaccines did not occur immediately, Memişoğlu said:

“Especially in the Chinese vaccine, we give the second dose on the 28th day, and after 10-15 days it now benefits in terms of protection. I want this to be known. I recommend that people still be careful until the 10th day after the second dose of the vaccine. (BioNTech vaccines) Currently. These vaccines can be kept active for a certain period of time with transport containers. Therefore, we have become able to both apply and protect this with the infrastructure. Our Ministry will do a study on where we will do it and we will make a distribution plan accordingly. We will deliver those vaccines to our people as well as our application areas, both in the Chinese vaccine, which we call inactive, and in BioNTech vaccine, which we call mRNA. our society has become much more vaccinated with large amounts of vaccines we will be reckoned. “

Stating that those who want to get rid of the epidemic the most are healthcare workers, Memişoğlu said, “I predict, if we follow the measures and increase the vaccination a little more, we will have declines from the second half of April, May and June will pass a little more easily, depending on the mutation and vaccination rate of the virus, the article is more comfortable. We predict that we will live. I hope our predictions will be correct. We are faced with an epidemic that misleads even the predictions of scientists on these issues, “he made the assessment.

Kemal Memişoğlu added that there can be case diagnoses in schools, but there is no situation that requires great isolation, and that they are working in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education on this issue.


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