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”İstanbul şaşırtmadı, Yalova ve Samsun şaşırtıcı” (Türkiye’nin vaka haritası açıklandı)

'' Surprise Istanbul, Yalova and Samsun amazing '' (announced Turkey's case map)

In the fight against Corona virus, the “right decision” period has passed. In other words, regional measures will be taken based on the increase and decrease in the number of cases. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced the weekly number of cases last night with the rate of ‘seen in every 100 thousand people’. Accordingly, the province with the highest number of cases is Istanbul … However, the 5 provinces with the highest number of cases are in the Black Sea Region … According to Professor Doctor Fatih Tank, who interprets the case map, the increase in Samsun and Yalova is surprising … News: Melike Şahin)

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