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It has been proven that the Covid-19 vaccine does not harm sperm count – Health News

A newly published study Vaccine as its opponents claim Covid-19 revealed that the vaccine had no effect on sperm count.

According to research data published in JAMA Modern and BioNTech It was determined that the sperm count and quality of no young and healthy men who had the first or second dose of the vaccine did not decrease.

According to CNN’s report, sperm samples were taken from 45 men between the ages of 25 and 31 for the study. Various tests were performed to make sure that the men participating in the study did not have any previous health problems.

The first samples for research were taken before the first dose of the mRNA vaccine. For comparison, second samples were taken 70 days after the second dose.

The researchers also noted that these people did not observe any changes in their sperm counts, but would like to conduct a more comprehensive study with a larger sample.


Dr. “We now have evidence that if you get vaccinated your sperm count is very unlikely to be affected,” said David Cohen in his review of the research.

In the study, only the mRNA vaccines that were the subject of these claims were examined, and vaccines such as Johnson & Johnson and AsraZeneca were not included in the study.

Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy said, “Although these vaccines were not included in the study, we think that they work quite similarly despite different genetic material, so we do not think that the result will be different for other vaccines.”


Although the vaccine had no effect on sperm, another study published in January found that the Covid-19 virus could be harmful to the male reproductive system.

The study found a significant increase in inflammation and oxidative stress in sperm cells from men with Covid-19, compared with healthy men who did not have Covid-19. Sperm concentration, motility and shape were also adversely affected by the virus.

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