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Japanese scientists found a cure for baldness

A new one has been added to the studies carried out to eliminate the problem of baldness.

Scientists conducting research on regeneration of hair follicles in Japan announced that the method they worked on yielded successful results.

According to the news in the Independent, scientists from the RIKEN Biosystem Dynamics Research Center have used stem cells to create hair follicles that can regrow hair loss.

As part of the study, the results of which were published in Nature, fur and whisker cells from mice combined with other biological components in a laboratory setting.

Scientists who tried 220 different combinations found that combining them with 5 factors, which they called ‘NFFSE media’, worked best.

In other words, Japanese scientists found that the formula created with NFFSE media gave the highest stem cell proliferation rate in the shortest time.

However, this treatment must go through clinical trials before it is available to people.

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