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LAST MINUTE NEWS: Those who had two doses of vaccine in Turkey exceeded 10 million – Health News

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An important threshold in vaccination practice in Turkey has been crossed.

By the Ministry of Health, the number of people who had two doses of vaccine throughout the country within the scope of combating Covid-19 has exceeded 10 million.

According to the instant data on the Ministry’s “Covid-19 Vaccine Information Platform”, as of 10.30, the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine was administered to 14 million 352 thousand 956 people, while the second doses of 10 million 680 people were completed.

Thus, the total number of vaccines made reached 24 million 353 thousand 636.

The total amount of vaccines administered in Istanbul was 3 million 994 thousand 908, 2 million 415 thousand 529 being the first dose and 1 million 579 thousand 379 being the second dose.

While a total of 1 million 958 thousand 875 doses of vaccine was made in Ankara, the number of people with the first dose increased to 1 million 161 thousand 460 and the number of those with the second dose increased to 797 thousand 415.

In İzmir, a total of 1 million 651 thousand 827 doses of Covid-19 vaccine was made, with 974 thousand 27 of them being the first dose and 677 thousand 800 being the second dose.

The latest situation in Turkey's vaccination table.
The latest situation in Turkey’s vaccination table.


Immunization of priority groups continues rapidly within the scope of the “Covid-19 Vaccine National Implementation Strategy” by the Ministry of Health.

So far, an agreement has been made to supply a total of 240 million doses of vaccine, including 100 million doses of Sinovac, 90 million doses of BioNTech and 50 million doses of Sputnik V.

While Sinovac and BioNTech vaccines are currently being used in the vaccination program, the first batch of Sputnik V vaccine is expected to arrive in Turkey this month.

It is aimed to start the Phase-3 study of Erciyes University’s inactive vaccine, one of the 18 studies carried out to develop the domestic Covid-19 vaccine, within a few weeks.

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