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Letter from Minister Koca to healthcare professionals

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca sent a letter to healthcare professionals within the scope of the digital letter campaign organized with the slogan “Let’s Write a Letter to the Epic.”

Starting his letter as “My colleagues”, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca continued as follows:

“The patriotism of the medical workers who were martyred in Çanakkale. The love of the profession of our healthcare workers who were martyred in the cruel attacks of the treacherous organization while they were serving under the most difficult conditions. The pain of our friends who have been subjected to violence, the longing of our more than three hundred healthcare friends that we have lost in the fight against the epidemic, the sadness of every life that goes out in front of their eyes despite all their efforts, the peace of life in their hands, sweat and labor, and the honor of serving human beings, the most honorable of all beings, in their huge hearts. dear colleagues who are carrying.

The expressions reflected in this letter I wrote to you are the reflection of my most heartfelt gratitude. The mirror of the spiritual world of man is his heart, and the call we hear when we listen to the voices of our hearts, regardless of all worries, is always goodness, mercy. Whatever you live in this beautiful homeland, you are members of a profession that should be able to listen to the voice of your heart, read life with the heart and look at people with your heart. “

Underlining that healthcare professionals aspire to a difficult and equally sacred task, Koca said that healthcare professionals have to be a medicine for pain, ointment for the wound, and scalpel for surgery.


“Your mission is to cover the top, remove the part, make the crying laugh. You are all the hands that reach life without hesitation at any time and place, under any condition and condition.” Using the expression Koca emphasized that the divine meaning of life can only be understood by those who approach it with the consciousness of entrusting it.

Husband, “The value of our life entrusted to our own understanding is so great. You health workers, your trust is not limited to your own life, it is wide by the people you can reach, it is all humanity. And humanity is based on compassion. Mercy is your slogan. it is your duty without hesitation to touch the lives that have happened at the expense of risking your own lives. ” found the assessment.

Emphasizing that the size of the trust will make the burden of responsibility heavy, Koca said, “Sweat that does not leave an opportunity to be wiped out, nights without a chance to sleep, days without a chance to sit, unexpected difficulties, unexpected obstacles and even threats and accusations are inevitable. . ” conveyed his views.


Minister Koca pointed out that consciences should always be fresh and stated that they continue their way with the belief and hope that “There is an ease after every hardship”.

In the words of Yunus Emre, Koca stated that “they love the created one because of the Creator”, “A smiling face that reflects the reward of our labor, a lip moving with prayer, a heart beating with love are our greatest rewards. Throughout our professional life, these are always there and will continue to exist. The more we strive, the more we succeed. ” He emphasized.

Minister Koca stated the following in his letter:

“My colleagues whose souls are shaped by human values ​​and whose hearts are full of compassion have condemned humanity to a new life order in the past year. Every person in every corner of the world has been affected by the pandemic. While calling our people home, you could not enter your homes.

This was our mission. Some of us were in the emergency room, some in the intensive care unit. While one of us welcomed the patients in the outpatient clinic, another of us struggled to make a diagnosis in the laboratory. We were the ones conducting contact screening in the field and delivering the medicine to our patient at home. We were the ones who brought the emergency patient to the hospital by ambulance, we were the morning next to the suffering patient You, we, healthcare professionals, have been at the helm of our duty. We did not parted, did not give up, we struggled. In the face of the biggest health problem of the last century, we have done what is required of our profession’s reputation and honor. As I stated on the anniversary of the pandemic, you saved lives. You put your life at risk. This community will never forget the photos that show you in sweaty aprons. Thanks to you, we know once again that professions that serve human health are professions in which goodness and other human qualities are seen the most. We are grateful to you. Your burden and fatigue have partially decreased, but you are still our assurance today. Thanks to your superior efforts, we will hopefully leave those nightmare days behind as soon as possible. Even though we wear out a lot emotionally, we are close to the beautiful days that will make us hold on to our hope more tightly.

Our nation does not leave its blessings and gratitude for you. Let the good feelings our Kadirşinas people feel for the healthcare professionals they have entrusted their lives to herald the days of health and peace that we deserve. As the Minister of Health and your colleague, I congratulate you on 14 March Medicine Day. I thank you for your superior effort and sacrifice. I offer my sincere love to all of you, with the hope of continuing our efforts that we devote to our people and life under fairer and more qualified conditions. ”


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