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Letter from President Erdoğan to healthcare professionals – health news

President Erdogan wrote the first letter of the digital letter campaign organized by the Please Platform, which was established to raise awareness on social issues, with the slogan “Let’s Write a Letter to Epic Writers” for healthcare professionals who have served with great devotion in the Kovid-19 process.

As part of the campaign, which started on March 14th Medicine Day and will last until April, anyone who wishes will be able to convey their feelings and thoughts to healthcare professionals via “digital letter. Digital letters, Turkey will be distributed to all health workers in general.

In his letter, which started with the address “Dear Brother”, President Erdoğan said, “I greet you and your family with my heartfelt feelings and congratulate you on March 14th Medical Day. I present. ” used the expressions.

Emphasizing that healthcare professionals perform a respectable profession that directly touches human life, where knowledge, effort and skill are combined with sacrifice, Erdoğan stated that they see March 14 as a means of paying the debt of loyalty and gratitude to healthcare professionals.

Erdogan pointed out that the health organization, which rushed to the aid of the nation at the cost of their lives throughout history, is also at the forefront of the tough fight against the coronavirus epidemic, and continued as follows:

“Can not go on for weeks home, children, can not hug their loved ones health of our employees, our citizens, they fold their day and night to restore to health a moment ago. Turkey’s worldwide example in showing the coronavirus fight has a very important part of your of your sacrifice and efforts. To alleviate the burden of you in this process, your work must In addition to the huge investments we have made in our health infrastructure in the last 18 years, we have commissioned 25 new health facilities with a total capacity of 16 thousand beds and 11 additional service buildings only during the epidemic period. We know that it is not over yet. We need to continue to work in cooperation until the threat of the epidemic is completely eliminated. While taking the steps of the ‘new normal’ process on the one hand, we also carry out studies to keep our health system alive. I express that I expect the bee to assist you by following the mask, distance and cleanliness rules. “

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan thanked the healthcare professionals for serving the nation with heart and soul in the worst health disaster of the last century, and said:

“I once again pray to your colleagues who lost their lives in the fight against the epidemic, God’s mercy and patience to their relatives. I hope we will continue to support you and stand by you financially and spiritually, as we have until today. I congratulate you wholeheartedly and wish you healthy, peaceful and happy days. “

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