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Local vaccine volunteer: I did not have any health problems – Health News

Communication expert Murat Gündoğan volunteered in the Phase-2 studies of the local vaccine developed by the Vaccine Research and Development Center (ERAGEM) and Good Clinical Practice and Research Center (İKUM) within Erciyes University (ERÜ) in Kayseri.

Gündoğan had the first dose of vaccine on 11 March and the second dose on 8 April. Gundogan, who is in good health, said, “I learned through the press that volunteers were sought in the studies in Phase-2 trials and volunteered. After the first dose was shot, they contacted every day until the second dose, and asked about my health status. I had the second overdose 1.5 weeks ago. After our vaccine is made, we are called and followed up in the same way. ‘Do we have any health problems?’ and ‘Any other ailments?’ They record the situation related to him, “he said.


Murat Gündoğan stated that he still gave blood during the process and that the tests were done, “I have not experienced any health problems until now. There is only a minor pain in the arm where the vaccine was shot for 2 days. They are already informing this. Other than that, any troubles such as weakness or exhaustion. We continued our lives in a very healthy way. There is a prejudice against vaccines in our society, but I think they should not be so prejudiced. At the moment, the Phase-2 study has been successfully concluded. I want them to be, “he said.

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