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Measures extended until April 6 in Italy

The government with broad participation, led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who took office in Italy on February 13, issued the first comprehensive decree to combat the epidemic today.

With the new decree, the strategy of “regional measure according to the risk of proliferation” which is currently implemented has been revised due to the rapidly spreading variants of Covid-19 throughout the country and some measures have been tightened. The implementation period of the measures has been extended until April 6, to include Easter, which will be celebrated on April 4 this year, when families gather and travel increases in the country.

Accordingly, distance education will be introduced in all schools in places declared as a very high risk (red) zone. From March 6, commercial shops and hairdressers will not be opened in the red areas.

In addition, even if the risk category is low, interregional travel will continue to be prohibited until March 27, except for business, urgent needs or health needs.

All pools, gyms and ski facilities will be closed throughout Italy.

Health Minister Robert Speranza announced the new decree at a press conference in the courtyard of the prime minister’s palace Chigi.

“The decree was just signed by the Prime Minister and will be in effect from March 6 to April 6. The decree continues the basic measures in place,” Speranza said. said.

Expressing that the strategy that shows the regions in different colors according to the risks they bear in the country has been approved, Speranza said, “We believe that separating the regions in this way is the right way. Because this enables us to give the most appropriate answer in every part of the country.” he spoke.


“The British variant has a special ability to penetrate young people,” said Minister Speranza, pointing out that the more contagious strain of Covid-19 seen in England is spreading rapidly. used the expression.

Head of the Italian Institute of Higher Health, Prof. Silvio Brusaferro also said, “The prevalence estimate of the British variant of Covid-19 is 54 percent. These data belong to the period of February 18, so this value is undoubtedly higher today. The more contagious type of Covid-19 seen in Brazil is 4 percent, 3, common in the central regions. ” said.


In the Italian press, it was pointed out that the previous Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte himself had announced the decrees containing such strict measures, and the new Prime Minister Draghi was criticized for having his press conference done by Minister Speranza.

Prime Ministry Spokesperson Paola Ansuini replied to the criticism that “the ministers holding this press conference is an indicator of team spirit”.


Signaling the goal of “bringing a new breath” to the fight against the epidemic, Draghi has recently begun to take the first concrete steps in this regard.

Prime Minister Draghi dismissed Domenico Arcuri, Prime Minister’s Emergency Procurement Commissioner, who had been criticized for a while yesterday. General Francesco Paulo Figliuolo, an expert in logistics and serving in the Italian army, was replaced by Arcuri.

Arcuri was criticized for the delay in providing masks and other requirements, especially in the first wave, and for being ineffective in the recently slowed supply of vaccines.

Draghi did not extend the term of the Civil Defense General Manager Angelo Borrelli, which expired in March, and brought Fabrizio Curcio back to this post.

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