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Minister Koca announced: Covid-19 vaccination exceeded 3.5 million

In line with the recommendations of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, according to the “Kovid-19 Vaccine National Implementation Strategy” determined by the Ministry of Health, following the vaccination of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca and Board members on January 13, vaccination studies were initiated across the country.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca shared on his Twitter account, “The number of our citizens who have been vaccinated so far is over 3.5 million. Today, our elders over the age of 65 rolled up their sleeves, “he said.

This number is 3 million 571 thousand 236 as of February 12, 2021 at 16.35.

The total number of people who received the first dose of the vaccine reached 3 million 169 thousand 676 on the same day and time.

Within the scope of the studies, as of today, citizens aged 65 and over and their spouses 60 and over have been defined in the system.

Citizens, who were given the right to vaccination and got their appointments, started to be vaccinated in designated health institutions. Second dose vaccines will be given to these age groups 28 days later.


The vaccination process will be completed in line with the calendar set up by the Coronavirus Scientific Committee.

In the second stage, there are employees of priority sectors in Group A to maintain service. These sectors are listed as follows:

“Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, people in critical positions, police, private security, Ministry of Justice, prisons, education sector (teachers and faculty members), food sector (according to SGK records) employees (bakeries, food factories, food factories, packaged water manufacturers etc.), those working in the transportation (according to SGK records) sector. “

Following these, individuals aged 50-64 will be vaccinated in the second stage.

In the third stage of vaccination, those with chronic diseases will be vaccinated first.

While 40-49 year olds will be vaccinated first, this group will be followed by 30-39 age group and 18-29 age group.

Finally, in the third phase, vaccines will be applied to those in the other groups at the age of 40-49, 30-39 and 18-29, respectively.

In the fourth stage, those who do not get vaccinated on time will be vaccinated.


Citizens will be able to learn the status of the Covid-19 vaccine from their e-Pulse account or by sending a text message to 2023.

Those among the group to be vaccinated will be directed to the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) application for the appointment process, and the citizen will go to the health institution where the appointment comes when the date comes.

The healthcare personnel applying the vaccine will also create the second dose appointment of the citizen, and the information of this appointment will be sent via text message.

Citizens will be able to change vaccination appointments via MHRS and e-Nabız account.

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