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Minister Koca announced: Vaccine persuasion teams will be established – health news

Answering the questions of Hürriyet newspaper about the two-week partial restriction decisions for Ramadan, Minister Koca said, “We aim to vaccinate everyone over the age of 40 by the end of June. We have now accelerated vaccination diplomacy, including Sinovac, BioNTech and Sputnik. We have reached the final stage in domestic vaccination studies in order to increase social immunity. With the measures taken, we expect a noticeable decline in the number of cases and deaths in June, “he said.


Stating that they will have to take more drastic measures in June if there is no decline despite the measures, Koca said, “We are going to phase-3 studies in the domestic vaccine. We will have finished this process after two or three weeks. we have in front of us.


14 percent of the healthcare workers, 23.6 percent of those over the age of 65 have not been vaccinated yet. Vaccines did not go to waste due to those who did not go to their appointment. We will set up a persuasion team to convince those who have not had the vaccine and to ensure that they are vaccinated. Under the leadership of family physicians, we will go to the homes of those who have the right to vaccinate but do not have it, and we will advise and encourage them to be vaccinated. Thus, we will learn why those who do not have their vaccines are not vaccinated ”.


The persuasion teams, led by family physicians, will go to the homes of those who have the right to vaccinate but do not. Those who do not get vaccinated will be asked why they are not vaccinated. Those who are hesitant will be informed about the protection and importance of the vaccine. With this study, it is aimed to increase the rate of vaccinations in the society.

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