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Minister Koca explained: Healthcare worker sentenced to 1,811 people in prison for violence

Health Minister Fahrettin KocaAnswered the parliamentary question of CHP Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer.

Gürer asked about the number of violent incidents that have occurred against healthcare workers in hospitals in the last 5 years, the number of healthcare workers killed and injured as a result, the efforts to prevent attacks, the number of those arrested and the punishments they received.

Responding to the motion, Minister Koca said, “December 2015- September 2020 in health institutions and organizations due to violence against health workers’The investigation of 18 thousand 358 of the White Code ‘applications is ongoing, and in the cases that were concluded, 3 thousand 64 judicial fines and 811 people were sentenced “ said.

Minister Koca also stated that many preventive measures have been taken regarding the increase of security measures in health institutions, such as establishing employee safety units, improving service delivery, making physical structures qualified, establishing ‘White Code’ units, training and raising awareness. Minister Koca also stated about the legal regulations, “With the regulations made, it is aimed to increase the effectiveness of the investigation phase of crimes against healthcare workers, to provide deterrence against committing crimes against healthcare workers, to prevent their victimization with protective measures taken for the health worker.”


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