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Minister Varank has the second dose of the local vaccine

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, who volunteered for the vaccine based on virus-like particles (VLP) developed against Covid-19 and considered one of the most innovative vaccine methods, had the first dose vaccine on April 17. Today, Varank had the second dose vaccine immediately after TÜBİTAK President Hasan Mandal.

In his speech after the vaccination, Minister Varank said, “We started Phase-1 trials in our vaccine under the TÜBİTAK Covid-19 platform based on virus-like particles technology. We became one of the volunteers with our teacher Hasan. We are one of 38 volunteers. We had our first vaccine and now we have our second dose. It is very important to be a volunteer in these jobs. We volunteered to encourage this work to our citizens and to show how much we trust our scientists. Our call has been fulfilled. Tens of hundreds of our citizens who wanted to volunteer in this vaccine study applied to both us, our hospital and TUBITAK. It will be with 360 volunteers. Currently, it is filled with volunteers. Does phase studies, especially Phase-1, produce some antibodies to demonstrate the safety of this vaccine? In other words, tests related to immunity are carried out. But the next processes will be more related to the effectiveness of the vaccine, “he said.

Stating that their wish is that the vaccine will be successful as it has been tested and proven in the laboratory environment as they expected, Varank said, “If our vaccine is successful, it will be ready for mass production after the Phase-3 stage. Here, of course, we are meeting with companies that will produce this in the private sector. I hope Phase-3 will be completed successfully. The effectiveness of these vaccines is proven. We also have our vaccine before the end of the year. We wish this all together, ”he said.

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