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Ministry of Health updated ‘Contact Tracking Guide’: No quarantine for two doses of vaccine – Health News

The Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee made some changes in the ‘Contact Tracking, Outbreak Management, Home Patient Monitoring and Fillation Guide. Accordingly, the contact patient evaluation criteria to be quarantined have changed. Corona virus patients with two doses of vaccine will not have to go into quarantine 14 days after vaccination, even if they are in contact with corona virus patients.

According to the new regulations:

-Exact COVID-19 from the date of positive PCR test result of the infection picture, Within 3 months Contact with another COVID-19 case will not be considered as risky contact and contact tracking will not be made. The contacts of these people with the COVID-19 case that occurred after 3 months will be evaluated.

Those who have had a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infection in the last three months, variant If they are detected to be re-infected with a strain, they are isolated in accordance with the Ministry of Health rules.

– For persons who have previously had a laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV 2 infection or who received two doses of vaccine and 14 days after the last dose, quarantine is not required for risky contacts within three months after the onset of the disease or vaccination (except for cases with a South African or Brazilian variant detected). However, those whose occupational activities such as working in a nursing home or caring for elderly family members require close relations with risky groups and those who are in contact with cases with a South African or Brazilian variant are quarantined according to the rules of the Ministry of Health.

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