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Ministry of Health updated the ‘Contact Tracking Guide’: Quarantine times extended – Health News

The ‘Contact Tracking, Outbreak Management, Patient Impression and Filiation Guide’ prepared by the Ministry of Health’s Coronavirus Science Board has been updated.

The quarantine period, which was 10 days in the previous guide, has been extended to 14 days for close contacts. The quarantine of these people was ending if the test result on the 7th day was negative.

The waiting period for testing in the new guide has also been extended to 10 days. When the variant is detected, the quarantine period is 14 days.

However, in this case, the time will not change even if the test result is negative.


There are also important changes regarding those who are vaccinated.

Quarantine was not required in case of previous contact with those who were vaccinated.According to the new guideline, if they are in close contact, they will also be quarantined for 14 days.

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