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Misunderstanding may be the cause of the increase in cases in the Black Sea – health news

According to the Minister of Health announced that 15 to 21 February husband Fahrettin data 44 thousand 294 cases of corona virus was detected in Turkey. The number of cases detected in the Black Sea Region was 10 thousand 639 people.

Ie 24.1 percent of cases in Turkey than 1 of every 4 cases in the Black Sea region. While the academicians working at Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine stated that the increase in cases may be due to home visits, they drew attention to the fact that the continuing increase is worrisome.


Stating that the number of cases increased 2-3 times compared to the summer months, OMU Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Department Head Prof. Dr. Esra Aksakal Tanyel said, “There are 2-3 times as many cases in Samsun compared to August. Of course, not as high as November and December. We know that the mutant virus is transmitted more easily. We had a lot of patients in November and November, we had to open a service. Later, while we were relieved a little in January, we started to see an increase in the number of outpatient clinic admissions and inpatient numbers again in February. We see stories such as celebrating the day. ”Therefore, even though people perceive the curfew as not going out, unfortunately, there is a lot of contact in homes. They are very much in crowded environments. We saw an increase in February and it will increase this way. “I’m afraid that it will go away” he said.


Explaining that he is not a mutant unique to the Black Sea, Tanyel said, “I think that these are due to the lack of attention and a little neglect, perhaps because people are bored with the restrictions and the mask and distance rules are not followed. Again, we need to follow the mask and distance rules. Everyone whose turn is to be vaccinated should be especially vaccinated. “The vaccine has no serious side effects,” he said.


Saying that there is no mutation specific to the Black Sea Region, Head of the Department of Medical Microbiology, OMU Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Asuman Birinci said, “There has been an increase in the number of cases in Samsun in recent days. There has been an increase in the number and rate of samples coming to the laboratory in the last few weeks. When we compare it with other provinces, this increase is seen especially in the Eastern Black Sea Region. But a different reason is not something that is known. In Samsun, a different mutation was not detected from those seen in other regions in Turkey. Determined mutants are also available in other provinces of Turkey. The increase in the number of these cases can be explained as follows. We spent the summer months in Samsun very comfortably. There was not much increase in the number of cases. The increase in the number of cases in us was seen in November and December. There was a decrease after November and December, but not much was recorded. Our rates remained in certain numbers. For example, if we look at the provinces in the Southeast, they had a peak in August and September. It didn’t work that way with us. We spent the months of August and September comfortably. As the increase in ours is later, maybe the decrease will be experienced later, ”he said.

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