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Mobilization against ethyl alcohol: Close to 100 sites banned

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry had made arrangements in recent months as deaths from counterfeit alcohol increased. With the “Regulation Amending the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Production and Domestic and Foreign Trade of Ethyl and Methanol” published in the Official Gazette on October 1, 2020, the sale of ethyl alcohol for household use was prohibited. In addition, online sales of ethyl alcohol and methanol were banned. A transition period was also introduced for the ban, and it was stated that the ban on the sale of ethyl alcohol for domestic use would be put into effect 60 days later. This transition period ended on December 1st. As of this date, products that cannot be placed on the market and are in places with sales certificates must be returned to their importer or manufacturer within three months. This transition period will end at the end of February.


After the bans came into effect, a comprehensive internet access ban decision was recently implemented. According to the report of Hacer Boyacıoğlu from Hürriyet newspaper, the authorities stated that complaints received in this direction were taken into consideration and gave the following information:

“This issue is closely monitored by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority. In addition, there is a reporting channel within the institution. Applications received via are also taken into consideration. There should be no access and sale of ethyl alcohol in publications on the Internet. Considering the notices and the demands of the industry, we accelerated the efforts to block access. 100 sites and links were covered. This operation will not be the first or the last, we will continue such prohibitions according to the notices and the determinations we make. “


ETHYL alcohol is used in making fake drinks. While many lives are lost due to fake alcohol, permanent health problems such as vision loss can also occur. In the operations carried out by the police teams, it was determined that the ethyl alcohol used in making fake drinks was also counterfeited.

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