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More than 5 million people in the US did not get a second dose of vaccine

According to the news in The New York Times newspaper published in the United States of America, Pfizer or Modern vaccine second doseThe rate of those who missed has more than doubled since the inception of national vaccination practice.

According to the latest data of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which tracks Covid-19 vaccination statistics in the USA, at least 5 million people, in other words, about 8 percent of those who had the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines for the first time, were not shot on the second dose.

Some of those who did not get the second dose of vaccine stated that they were not vaccinated because they feared the side effects and some thought that a single dose was sufficient.

According to the CDC, more than 138 million people in the United States, or about 42 percent of the population, received the first dose, and a second dose of Covid-19 vaccine was given to at least 93 million people, 28 percent of the population.

The number of people who died in the epidemic in the USA increased to 586 thousand 152.

According to Covid-19 data from Johns Hopkins University, the number of virus detected approached 33 million.

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