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Mosquitoes, which disturb the citizens, started to be seen in different districts of Istanbul.

Mosquitoes, which started to be seen in Eyüpsultan, Kartal, Ataşehir and Üsküdar after Sarıyer, Avcılar and Bahçelievler in Istanbul, worry the residents of the area.

Citizens who complain about mosquitoes that multiply throughout the city and cause redness and swelling in the areas they bite, want the authorities to take immediate action.


Burak Arı, who lives in Bahçelievler, said in a statement that he has had mosquito complaints for about a month.

Stating that the places where mosquitoes bite are swollen, Bee stated that he could not sleep until the morning due to the effect of heat and mosquitoes.

Bee stated that her child’s limbs were bruised due to the bites, but later recovered.

Mediha Arı, who lives in the district, said that she is uncomfortable with mosquitoes.

“WHEN IT BITS, it leaves a trace”

Stating that the spraying has stopped for 2 days, Arı also noted that mosquitoes bite their legs.

Emrah Karakartal, residing in Avcılar, said that the mosquito problem started to appear this year and that nothing like this had happened before.

Karakartal stated that the mosquito bit the top of his child’s eye a few weeks ago and therefore swelled, and stated that he recovered after using the cream he bought from the pharmacy.

Noting that flies can come from the stream in Yeşilkent Mahallesi, Karakartal said, “Mosquitoes are poisonous, they probably leave marks when they bite, they cause swelling, allergy-like things. I saw it in my own child.” said.


Şule Kandemir, residing in Üsküdar, said that while sitting in the garden, they were bitten by mosquitoes many times, and that her body reacted differently compared to previous years.

Emphasizing that they tried every method to prevent the fly, Kandemir said, “But even they did not help. Normally, flies do not bite my wife very much, but when I sit in the garden, she is immediately bitten by a fly. It was there in previous years, but this year it is more and more different. I have dozens of mosquito bites on my feet.” spoke.

Nimet Kara, who lives in Sarıyer, also stated that her daughter was bitten by a fly, and this part was extremely swollen and red.

Pointing out that this is not like a normal fly bite, Kara said, “The first few hours it just itched. Then the foot that was bitten by the fly started to swell and became extremely red. After a day did not pass, we went to the hospital. They injected it, but the swelling still continues. The area around the fly bitten became bruised.” spoke.

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