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‘Mutation virus’ alarm in Samsun: Found in all districts

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca shared the weekly map of the number of coronavirus cases by provinces in the ‘controlled normalization’ process. Increases in cases continue in Samsun, which has the highest number of cases in the population of 100 thousand between 27 February-5 March and is in the first place in the category of ‘Very high risk’ provinces.

Provincial Health Director Dr. Lecturer Member Muhammet Ali Oruç gave information about the increasing coronavirus cases in Samsun, the general situation in the province and the distribution of cases. Oruç warned the citizens, stating that the increase in the number of cases continues despite all the measures taken, the supervision and information studies carried out by public institutions and municipalities.


Stating that everyone should follow the rule, Oruç said, “The source of the increase in the number of our cases unfortunately has not changed since the first day of the pandemic. The virus is still spreading among our loved ones, with relatives, friendships, funeral and condolence visits. We have not gone out for weeks, let’s be outside on a Saturday, let’s see the sun, what will happen, and we carry the virus we received without realizing it. When we evaluate the data in our city, we see that there is a large increase in cases caused by mutation viruses, especially between February 20 and March 5. I am sorry to say that we have started to encounter cases of mutation viruses in almost all of our districts. This picture shows us how quickly the mutation virus, which hides itself, has taken its place in the province, and has spread between family and relatives, without giving us any indication; “Let’s not fall into the trap of the virus, let’s not give him the opportunity again, it shows how we fell into the trap of the virus again.”


Giving information about the case distribution table in Samsun, Oruç said, “When we evaluate according to the case criteria seen in 100 thousand people between February 27 and March 05, we see that the most cases according to the district population are in Bafra, İlkadım, Ladik, 19 Mayıs and Salıpazarı districts. The districts with the highest number of cases in the last two weeks, in which cases have increased, are İlkadım with 27 percent, Atakum with 17 percent, Bafra with 16 percent, Wednesday with 10 percent and Canik with 5 percent. 75 percent of the cases seen in our city occurred in these 5 districts. When we look at the table in the light of these data, we see that we are faced with an enemy that has an effect in almost every district of Samsun, with a regional distribution, although there is a large case density in our districts, especially İlkadım, Atakum and Bafra. We should perceive this danger correctly, we should see that the mutation-induced virus has increased the number of cases with the power it receives from us, our condolences and relatives visits, and we need to admit that we cannot win this fight without fighting back together, “he said.


Oruç, who wants everyone to consider themselves as a potential virus carrier, said, “We must act accordingly. Family, spouse, friends, relatives, funerals, condolence visits, at least one month, until the vaccination studies move to a more advanced stage. The mask, which is constantly emphasized by our Ministry of Health. “We must follow the rules of social distance and hand hygiene literally. Now we must decide on our color, say my color is blue, we must save our city from red and stop the increase in cases together. This is the only way we can reach good days.”


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