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New Covid-19 variant in Brazil: consists of a combination of 18 mutations

In Brazil, scientists detected the new type of corona virus (Covid-19), a combination of 18 previously unidentified mutations.

According to the news in O Globo, which published in Brazil, experts of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and the Pardini Group Research and Development Sector in Belo Horizonte, in collaboration with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, consisting of 18 mutations of Covid-19. came across the type.

Stating that the species in question is potentially dangerous, experts say that among the 18 previously unidentified mutations of this species, P1, which occurs in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, P2, which originated in Rio de Janeiro, B.1.1.7 and South Africa. He stated that there are mutations showing similar characteristics with the B.1.1.351 species.

The virologist at UFMG, Renato Santana, pointed out that it is early to say that the detected species spread faster or was more effective, “It is important to know that it has characteristics similar to existing species in Brazil, but it also has new characteristics. like “he said.

Stating that people with this species did not travel outside the country, Santana added that research should be done to determine when and where the species emerged.

Brazil, a South American country with a population of more than 210 million, is the country most affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, after the USA.

Brazil has been going through difficult times in recent weeks, both due to occupancy in intensive care units and the spread of the country’s more contagious type, P1, of Covid-19.

For the first time in the country where the epidemic was most effective in March 2021, more than 4 thousand people died in one day on April 7.

Covid-19, which has killed more than 340 thousand people in Brazil so far, has been seen in more than 13.1 million people in the country.


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