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New era in obesity treatment: they lost an average of 15 kilos with medication – health news

In an international study, new measures against obesity were discussed on about 2 thousand people.

In the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, scientists announced that a drug called “semaglutide”, which suppresses appetite, helps people lose up to one-fifth of their body weight.

According to the news of the BBC, while the semaglutide injections were given to approximately 2 thousand people in the 15-month study, nutrition and sports programs were also released.

It was stated that the observed people lost an average of 15 kilos, and the drug will start a new era in the fight against obesity.

‘It suppresses the appetite and imitates the hormone’

The working principle of the drug was defined as ‘suppressing appetite and mimicking the GLP1 hormone after eating’, while one group was given semaglutide and a placebo injection was given to one group.

At the end of the study, it was seen that those who had real injections lost an average of 15 kg, while those who received a placebo injection lost 2.6 kg.


While 32 percent of the volunteers seem to lose one-fifth of their body weight, Pr Rachel Batterham, a University of London faculty member of the UK part of the study, said, “This is a situation that can change all treatments in terms of the amount of weight lost. I have been doing research on obesity for about 20 years. “I haven’t seen any treatment that is so effective,” he said.

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