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‘New peak in March’ concern in Corona virus cases

Family physicians are among those who fight the virus the most during the pandemic period. Family physicians who closely follow people who are infected or have contact with the virus show great dedication to quickly overcome this difficult process.

Aksaray Family Physicians Association President Dr. Şenol Atakan said that the mutated virus is more contagious.


Explaining that this situation makes the virus more resistant, Atakan said, “For this, we have to follow the rules of cleanliness, distance and mask without compromising. The Sinovac vaccine has a 50 percent effectiveness in the latest statement. But these vaccines are 90 percent effective in preventing the disease and hospitalization. “Vaccination is very important for this. We need 70 percent immunity for social immunity. Our citizens should get the vaccine when the time comes,” he said.


Stating that the number of cases may peak in March, Atakan said, “Mutation started especially in Africa, Brazil and England. During this period, the virus resists. It is shifting itself to another format. It produces new processes. We have to be very careful with the mutation thing. The mutation we call the third wave is more contagious. It makes itself more resistant and more contagious. For this, we have to follow the rules of cleanliness, distance and mask without compromising. Our prediction is that there will be a peak again like the month of March “

Stating that the vaccine will be a part of life from now on, Dr. Atakan noted that perhaps the virus vaccine can be obtained every year. Stating that rehabilitation services should be given to people with Corona virus, Atakan said, ” Periodic examinations and algorithms should be created for those who have had Covid-19. Heart and kidney problems can cause serious problems in young patients with illness, ” he said.

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