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New research: British mutation is deadlier than other mutations

According to research conducted in the UK, it has been announced that the UK mutation of Covid-19 is more deadly than other mutations.

In the study on the mutation detected in the UK in September 2020 and published today in the British Medical Journal, it was reported that the UK mutation was found to be 30 percent to 100 percent more deadly than other mutations.


In the study, which stated that there are 23 mutations in the genetic code of the mutation named B.1.1.7 and therefore more contagious than other mutations, British scientists underlined that the British mutation is between 40 and 70 percent more contagious.

It was reported that 227 of 54 thousand 906 people infected with the mutated virus died in England regarding the UK mutation, which has been detected in more than 100 countries since September 2020, when it was first detected, while 141 of those infected with other mutations were found to die specified.

“Combined with its ability to rapidly spread, B.1.1.7 becomes a threat to be taken seriously,” said researcher Robert Challen, who led the research at the University of Exeter.

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