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New trend in Google searches: Scabies – Health News

Emre Yaşar Katırcı is a 23-year-old university student living in Alanya. He goes to a dermatologist because of itching in various parts of his body that started nine months ago. The doctor prescribes a simple allergy cream and sends the Mule. Itching increases within a few days. Another doctor is taking his breath, the Mule. Then another, another… In the intervening month, itching goes down to the genital area and it becomes unable to sleep, especially at night. He constantly itches, his skin swells, and his private life and lessons are also affected by this discomfort.

At the end of a month and a half, a doctor at Mersin City Hospital diagnosed Katırcı with scabies. However, the medicines given by that specialist do not work, and another doctor goes to another doctor. The last physician suggests a mixture of sulfur that can be prepared in a pharmacy. Although it relieves itching for a while, that drug does not help either.

The mule takes on the internet as a last resort. He can’t believe what he’s seeing on Twitter, YouTube and other social networks. Because he sees that there are hundreds of people who have had scabies like him recently, all of them are looking for a cure for the disease and that the efforts have been inconclusive. They form a group and start helping each other with other patients they meet on the Internet and those who manage to get over the disease.


“There is an incredible scabies epidemic. Many people have this disease. The vast majority cannot express it because of embarrassment,” says Muletar.

University students also find salvation in this group they founded. After a long period of eight months, a different mixture used by another scabies patient is a remedy for Katırcı’s trouble.

Mules and other patients who met online say that they wrote a letter to CIMER and the Ministry of Health to take measures regarding the increase in scabies and treatment methods. However, no response has yet been received to either letter.

Software expert HA also had a hard time with scabies. While he is telling DW Turkish about his experiences, he wants his name to be kept secret. “The doctor looked at my genital area with a microscope. He’s making a place especially here, damn it. He told me that the drugs sold in the market were useless and wrote me a mixture. I got away with that mixture. But the psychological effects still haven’t passed,” says HA.

HA reports that he shared his past on Twitter, and the message box was filled after the post. Hundreds of social media users asked HA to help them in just a few hours.


So, is there really an increase in scabies cases?

Dermatologist Prof. Dr. Selda Pelin Kartal gives the following answer to DW Turkish’s questions:

“We do not have official data on scabies cases. However, there are two multicenter studies on Turkey published in international journals in the last year. Based on the results of these studies, I can say that there is a statistically significant increase in scabies cases. Collective, coexistence, personal. Failure to pay attention to hygiene rules, sometimes immigration, sometimes travel and domestic transmission may have caused an increase in scabies in the last two years. “

Kartal says that people with scabies are embarrassed to express this, so they are late in applying to a specialist. This plays a big role in the spread of scabies to more areas as well as infecting others.

Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital Chief Physician Assoc. Dr. Zekayi Kutlubay begins by saying that they do not have official data on scabies cases. The expert explains the increase in the number of cases over the patients he encountered in his own hospital: “We can say that the number of cases has increased four times in the last one or two years. Previously, only one person would come. Nowadays, three or four people come with the other members of the family. Scabies was more common in people who did not pay much attention to hygiene. Now, people who take care of their personal hygiene and have a high socio-economic level. The worst thing is that scabies has started to resist the drugs on the market. Drugs no longer work in curing the disease. “


Kutlubay, like the patients who explain their scabies grievances to DW Turkish, sees the treatment in specially prepared drugs in pharmacies. He even says that some drugs sold abroad and used for animals are more effective against scabies.

Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital Chief Physician Assoc. Dr. Zekayi Kutlubay
According to the expert, one of the important factors of the explosion in scabies cases may be the closure measures taken due to the coronavirus pandemic. Pointing out that spending a long time at home with other members of the family may further increase the risk of infection, Kutlubay says, “Actually, this disease is not easily transmitted. Skin contact and you need to be in the same environment for at least 15 minutes. However, the risk of transmission may have increased due to the pandemic.”

According to experts, due to the increase in scabies cases, citizens should pay attention to their personal hygiene and personal precautions to be taken against this disease.

Looking at Google’s search statistics, it is seen that the word “scabies” has been searched twice as often, especially in the last year. The side searches about “scabies” show the fact that people do not tell anyone about their condition with embarrassment, and those who apply to specialists cannot be treated with drugs on the market. Because the most “scabies medicine sold in pharmacies”, “definitive solution to scabies”, “scab parasite”, “scabies go away by itself” in the last year? searching for keywords.


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