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‘Oxford-AstraZeneca’ will not be made for under 30s in England

Oxford-AstraZenecaBritain made a new decision regarding the vaccine while the debates about it continued.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRAIn the statement, it was stated that the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine still has great benefits in preventing serious diseases.

In the statement, which was announced that 79 blood clotting cases were reported until 31 March and 19 of these people died, it was emphasized that it was not determined what caused the blood clotting.

It was announced that the ages of the cases, 51 women and 28 men, ranged between 18-79, and 3 of the 19 people who died were under the age of 30. It was reported that 14 of 19 deaths had blood clots in the brain and 5 of them in the veins.

Following the MHRA’s announcement, the Vaccine Committee announced that Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will be offered to those under the age of 30 due to the blood clot seen in young people. It was stated that those who received the first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine could have the second dose of the same vaccine.

Britainmore than 20 million in AstraZeneca It is recorded that the vaccine was administered.

Some European countries have suspended or limited the use of the vaccine on the grounds that it causes blood clotting.

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