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Oxford ‘pill instead of Covid-19 vaccine’ statement – health news

Statements about future vaccines came from Professor Sarah Gilbert, the head of the Astrazeneca-Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine, which was approved by the World Health Organization last week and is widely used in the UK.

Speaking to the assembly, Professor Sarah Gilbert told lawmakers that she and her team are focusing on new, non-injectable ways to administer the vaccine and provide a better immune response.

Stating that the Covid-19 vaccine may be replaced by the Covid pill in the future, Gilbert stated that they are investigating the taking of the Covid-19 vaccine with nasal sprays and taking the flu vaccine in pill form, similar to the case of giving children in pill form.


Stating that Covid-19 mostly affects the upper respiratory tract, Professor Sarah Gilbert said that using pills or nasal spray could better target immune cells in the lungs, throat and nose and make them even more effective.

Professor Gilbert added that turning the Covid-19 treatment into a pill or nasal spray can also alleviate supply problems, adding that the research continues intensely.


Nadhim Zahawi, Covid-19 Vaccine officer of the UK parliament, recently brought up the possibility of applying Covid-19 treatment through the mouth and nose, ‘There are pills and other technologies developed all over the world. We will continue to look at these, ”he said.

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