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Oxygen cut killed 6 people

The outage in the oxygen system in Jordan caused 6 deaths. Then the health minister resigned.

The incident took place in a hospital where coronavirus patients were treated in the city of Salt, west of the capital Amman. Due to the interruption in the intensive care service and delivery room, oxygen could not be given for one hour. Six patients living with respiratory support died due to lack of oxygen.

After the incident occurred, relatives of the patients gathered in front of the hospital. Police were sent to the region to calm the relatives of the patients.

Prime Minister Bashir al-Hasavne of Jordan asked Minister of Health Nezir Ubeydat to resign. Al-Hasavne stated that an investigation will be initiated urgently about the incident and those responsible will be held accountable before the law.

Ubeydat, the Health Minister, resigned, stating that he took the moral responsibility for the incident.
After the crisis, King Abdullah of Jordan visited the hospital.

Jordan is facing an intense increase in the number of cases, especially due to the faster-transmitted British variant. Last week, more stringent measures were announced to prevent the spread of the virus, and the application of full shutdown on Fridays was re-activated.

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