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Pandemic alert for married couples: Don’t be afraid to express your love

Stating that disagreements began to arise between couples who spent a long time at home due to the pandemic, Assoc. Dr. Melis Seray Özden Yıldırım said, “The problems are getting bigger due to the communication problem”.


Stating that we were caught unprepared for the pandemic period, Assoc. Dr. Melis Seray Özden Yıldırım said, “The most common situation people face in this process is uncertainty. Families and couples were the most affected by the pandemic reality. During the pandemic period, many of the bilateral relations either ended in separation due to negative communication or the relations became stronger with correct communication techniques.

The biggest factor affecting this process is that people are intertwined for longer than normal times. The fact that couples spend a long time in the same house creates some problems. When couples spend longer time with each other in the house, if there are some problems between them that could not be solved before, those problems also come to light. “This causes some friction between the couples,” he said.

Assoc. Dr. Melis Seray Özden Yıldırım said, “It is not clear when the pandemic period will end. For this reason, people also have concerns about when the pandemic will end. Since the pandemic period affects our individual psychology, it is beginning to affect our bilateral relations. Couples have communication problems.

Divorces have increased worldwide in the pandemic. “The fact that people are always in the same house and using you language instead of me language, not being able to empathize with each other, getting offended with each other instead of talking has deepened the problems between them.”


Emphasizing that couples should create their own space in the same house, Assoc. Dr. “As long as the physical environment of the house permits, the couples should create their own time zones in small spaces in the house where they can stay alone. The fact that a person creates small spaces for himself does not mean that he is bored with the opposite sex. At the same time, I suggest people working in a home office environment to make a timeline for the separation of business and private life ”.

Stating that being constantly interested in social media also causes controversy between couples, Assoc. Dr. Yıldırım continued his words as follows:

“Valentine’s Day, February 14, is a day when we celebrate love. In my therapies, couples mostly complain about not using the words of love for each other. Couples often say ‘never tell me that he loves me’. That’s why we have to be a little more generous in saying love. We must tell our partner that we love him. “

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