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Pentagon develops microchip that detects Covid-19 in the body

The corona virus, which affects the world, continues at full speed.

While the production of vaccines and drugs against the epidemic continues, scientists working at the US Department of Defense Pentagon developed microchips to combat the corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Scientists working in the Defense R & D Projects Department (DARPA) developed a microchip that can detect corona virus infection by inserting it under the skin in the device they produced to combat the corona virus outbreak.

Scientists have also developed a filter that can remove the corona virus from the blood when the person suspected of Covid-19 is connected to dialysis.


The developed chip was screened for the first time in ’60 Minutes’ broadcast on CBS television in the country. DARPA officials said in a statement on the television show that a microchip that can detect Covid-19 in advance has been developed in any person.

Authorities stated that the Pentagon does not aim to follow every move of the person suspected of an epidemic.

Retired Colonel Matt Hepburn, DARPA’s infectious disease physician, attended the program where he consistently demonstrated a tissue-like gel designed to test blood.

Making a statement on the subject, Hepburn said, “You put it under your skin, it shows you that there are chemical reactions in the body, and this signal means that you will show symptoms tomorrow.” On the other hand, it was stated that another invention developed by the scientists at DARPA was a filter that cleans the virus from the blood placed in the dialysis machine.

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