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Phase-3 volunteer applications for domestic vaccine started via e-Nabız

A “Volunteer” button has been added to e-Pulse for phase 3 clinical trials of the inactive domestic Covid-19 vaccine.

In the post shared on the Twitter account of the Ministry of Health, for those who want to volunteer in the phase 3 clinical studies of the inactive Covid-19 vaccine developed in cooperation with the Presidency of Turkish Health Institutes (TÜSEB) and Erciyes University, “Vaccination Study” on the “” website. It has been stated that the “Volunteer for” button was added.

The Phase-1 study of the Covid-19 domestic vaccine developed by TÜSEB and ERAGEM against the corona virus was carried out on 44 volunteers. Phase-2 studies of the inactivated vaccine started in February and the vaccination of 250 volunteers was completed on April 9th.

At the end of April, the reporting process of Phase-2 was completed. In the report, it was determined that 100 percent of the volunteers who received the coronavirus vaccine developed antibodies. Then, Phase-3 studies started in May. In this context, volunteer recruitment has started via e-Nabız.

On the e-Pulse page, “Volunteer for the vaccine study. Click here to volunteer in the Phase-3 clinical trials of the inactive Covid-19 vaccine developed in cooperation with the Turkish Health Institutes Presidency and Erciyes University.

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