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Plan for critical products from the EU

The EU Commission updated the European Industrial Strategy, which it published in March 2020, in accordance with the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic and supply difficulties.

According to the strategy, the EU Commission will propose the establishment of a “Single Market Emergency Instrument” to ensure the free movement of persons, goods and services between member states in preparation for future crises.

This instrument will prevent critical product shortages, accelerate production and strengthen public procurement.

While digitalization is accelerated in EU countries, product inspection and data collection capacities of national authorities will be increased and market surveillance of products will be strengthened.

In addition, significant investments will be mobilized to support SMEs, and strategic dependency in technology and industry will be tackled.

Foreign dependency will also be reduced for 137 products imported by the EU from third countries, especially China.

While the supply of critical products will be diversified, supply security will be increased and the supply of the raw materials required for industry and the active substances required for the production of pharmaceuticals will also be provided.

The plan also anticipates; Alliances between member countries will be launched in areas such as processor, semiconductor (chip), industrial data, cloud, space launch and emission-free aircraft. Member countries will be enabled to transfer resources to investments in these areas. These investments will be supported by the EU budget, if necessary.

Capacity will be developed in the fields of battery, critical raw materials and hydrogen. International supply chains will be diversified in critical products. International partnerships will be made in this field. EU competition rules will be evaluated. It will be ensured that these are suitable for their green and digital turn.

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