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Pollen allergy season has begun: wearing a mask can provide protection

Pollen allergy season has begun: wearing a mask can provide protection

In the spring months, the pollens in the air cause allergic ailments. Pollen allergy, which has symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose, especially affects those who spend time outdoors. Allergy and Immunology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ali Şengül stated that the use of a mask can provide some protection from pollen.

In the statement made by Medicana International Istanbul Hospital, information was given about allergy, allergy prevention and treatment methods, which reached the highest level in April and May.

Prof. Dr. Ali Şengül, the most common symptoms of spring allergy include sneezing, runny nose, nasal itching, nasal congestion and lack of smell, nasal discharge, itching of the palate, itching in the eyes, watery eyes, redness of the eyes, itching in the ears, cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, He stated that it was itching and swelling.

Şengül stated that those with spring allergies sometimes resort to alternative treatment methods with the help of the helplessness they experience due to the guidance of the people around them and sometimes because they cannot get enough response from the physicians who are not experts in the subject.

“These treatments, where various herbs and seeds are boiled or used in similar ways, often do not provide any benefit, and sometimes they may cause various organ and tissue damage due to serious side effects. While trying to be treated, these applications that have the risk of causing other serious diseases should be avoided and modern medicine Unfortunately, there is no effective measure that people with spring allergy can take indoors.

In order to ventilate the house, it is important not to open the windows, especially in the morning hours when pollen release is intense, and to ventilate during the hours when the air is still. It is also not correct to keep the windows closed all the time. In this case, the concentration of house mites and mold may increase, leading to other allergic reactions. Especially in the presence of pets, it is absolutely necessary to provide ventilation at appropriate times. “


Prof. Dr. Ali Şengül stated that the use of a mask can provide some protection from pollen, but this protection will remain at a very limited level.

Underlining that pollen can reach the body not only from the mouth and nose, but also from the eyes, Şengül said, “If people with spring allergies get Covid-19 infection, they pose a greater risk of spreading the disease depending on the severity and frequency of their sneezes.

There will be changes in the beginning and ending times of pollen release due to global climate change. Also, pollen diversity will increase due to vegetation changes. This situation will inevitably affect Spring allergies. “The longer the pollen release means the longer the disease period.”


Şengül stated that the basic principle in all allergic diseases is to be protected from allergens that cause allergies, but since pollens can easily reach kilometers with air movements and can pass even through small gaps due to their very small size, it is very difficult to protect.

Stating that it is important to determine the causative agent in people who are allergic to pollen, to decide on the treatment method, Şengül shared the following information:

“For this purpose, pollens that are sensitive should be investigated by skin tests or blood tests to detect IgE class antibodies that cause allergies. A treatment to relieve symptoms in pollen allergies that can be in the air for a very short time may be sufficient. For this purpose, antiallergic drugs that can be used in the form of sprays and tablets are useful. may be.

In allergies caused by plants that emit pollen for a long time, taking into account the negative effects of continuous drug use, treatments aimed at preventing sensitivity to allergens are required. This is possible with immunotherapy, which is also called vaccine therapy among the people.

In order to develop tolerance to allergens, purified pollen extracts are given to the patient in certain doses and it is possible to treat the disease completely or partially with this method, which is based on forming protective antibodies. “


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